Today we’re featuring Toradex, one of our hardware partners who will be exhibiting at Arm TechCon this week in San Jose, California. If you’re at the conference, come visit booth #1134 to see a joint demonstration of Xnor running on Toradex’s efficient Arm system-on-modules. On a single board we have been able to get Xnor object-detection models running real-time on three cameras.

ai at the edge | xnor

Apalis iMX8 — Toradex’s Computer on Module with NXP i.MX 8 SoC

Toradex is the preferred computing solution provider for low to medium volume projects in the embedded industry, enabling customers with fast time to market and delivering low total cost of ownership. With over 3,000 customers including World Cup Rally car racing, Toradex products are designed to run 24/7 in critical applications and withstand harsh environments with extreme temperature ranges, high vibration and high humidity.

AI at the Edge

ai at the edge | xnor

AI-enhanced building security smart enough to recognize authorized personnel, differentiate between people, animals, and machinery — and track movement across cameras.

Our collaboration unlocks usage scenarios requiring edge AI tasks on resource-constrained and low-power hardware which were previously only available in the cloud or on specialized hardware:

Commercial Security: Identify authorized and unauthorized people based on face identification. Track package delivery; differentiate between intruders, pets, and trusted individuals.

Retail Analytics: Analyze flow of foot traffic, heat-map analysis, and customer sentiment

Manufacturing: Inspect output for consistency and quality control; send alerts when anomalous actions or behavior occur on production floor.

Reducing Latency, Power Consumption & Downtime

Together, Xnor and Toradex are enabling AI on edge devices where technology and the real world intersect, providing a fast, resilient, and autonomous solution that works without interruption. Many of the customer conversations we have are about their concerns about the downside of relying too heavily on the cloud for AI tasks.

The rationale we often hear is that dependencies on cloud connectivity increases latency and power consumption, reduces overall performance and increases the risk of downtime because of network and cloud outages — none of which are acceptable in mission-critical monitoring solutions where personal safety and property are at stake. Xnor running on edge hardware like Toradex enables tasks to continue running since they run on device — even advanced tasks like face identification running on very small models.

Eliminating Hidden Cloud Costs

ai at the edge | xnor

Additionally, executing real-time AI tasks on-device eliminates the cost of using an external cloud solution. The cost of utilizing cloud AI quickly adds up — even 30 minutes of daily cloud vision services can cost over $350/month and requires 1.4 terabytes per year of network throughput per camera.

Come visit the booth to see this in action. If you’re not at the conference stay tuned for updates where we will share more. Thanks!

ai at the edge | xnor

Come see Xnor on Toradex in action at Arm TechCon 2018!

Visit to learn more.